Introducing the OLR OnLine Rheometer

Introducing the OLR OnLine Rheometer

Real-Time Analysis of Fluids in the Process Pipeline. The OLR utilizes a unique implementation of squeeze flow technology providing a quick and rich measurement of the elastic and flow properties of the fluid. The operator can then make informed process decisions about the quality of the material in the pipe and make appropriate changes.

The OnLine Rheometer (OLR) is designed to continuously measure, plot, and report the rheological properties of drilling, completion, and fluids within a system.

The OLR uses a squeezeflow technique; it measures storage and loss moduli by imposing a small cyclic deformation on a liquid sample at a variety of frequencies, from 1-100 Hz. Quality control parameters and user interface are based on η* (complex viscosity [Pa s]), as measured by the OLR. The response of the liquid is measured and displayed in terms of G’ (storage modulus [Pa]), G” (loss modulus [Pa]), δ (phase angle [Degrees]), and η*.

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