Advanced Technologies

Advanced Technologies

Advanced Technologies

We are excited to announce a new product line focused on automated measurement of fluid properties. This new suite of products will be installed on the rig and will monitor fluid properties in real time.


OLR Series 1000 OnLine Rheometer

The OnLine Rheometer (OLR) is designed to continuously measure, plot, and report the rheological properties of drilling, completion, and fracturing fluids in the pipe. The OLR uses a squeezeflow technique; it measures storage and loss moduli by imposing a small cyclic deformation on a liquid sample at a variety of frequencies, from 1-100 Hz. Quality control parameters and user interface are based on ?* (complex viscosity [Pa s]), as measured by the OLR. The response of the liquid is measured and displayed in terms of G' (storage modulus [Pa]), G'' (loss modulus [Pa]), d (phase angle [Degrees]), and η*. 

OASys Mud Watcher

Mud Watcher

The Mud Watcher automatically measures the temperature, density, and viscosity of drilling fluid on the rig and sends the data directly to the rig data acquisition system, mud logging unit, or dedicated data acquisition system. It is designed to be installed, operated autonomously, and maintained by the existing rig crew, with no specialized skills required.

The Mud Watcher provides a steady stream of data, alerting mud engineers to possible problems much more quickly than conventional testing procedures. This reduces risk to personnel while providing accurate and timely measurements to enhance overall decision making, leading to higher efficieny, well quality, and productivity. 

OASys Mud Aid

Mud Aid

The newly launched MUD AID™ is a remotely monitored, automated in-field diagnosis unit, designed to manage and automate drilling fluid processes.

The MUD AID™ facilitates optimization and execution of the drilling fluid program by presenting real-time information on fluid properties. This compliments the job of the drilling fluids specialist and may assist in optimizing drilling fluid performance.

The unit live-samples drilling fluid and tests project specific properties, to API standards where applicable. The unit presents this data in real-time allowing the operator to make adjustments according to the program.