New Agreement Between OFITE and Teledyne ISCO

New Agreement Between OFITE and Teledyne ISCO

We are proud to announce an expansion of our partnership with Teledyne ISCO to distribute ISCO pumps to the energy industry in Latin America. This new agreement will enable us to provide Teledyne ISCO’s superior pump technology to an even larger market.

Teledyne ISCO manufactures industry-leading syringe and reciprocating pumps for a wide range of applications. These rugged, do-anything pumps solve your toughest fluid delivery problems, from micro-flow to scale-up and pilot plant, pumping corrosive liquids, and safe operation in explosive atmospheres with the HLf Series.

Teledyne ISCO Syrixus precision syringe pumps give you flow and pressure control throughout a broad operating range. Syrixus syringe pumps can be metered with great accuracy and do not exhibit pulsation or flow anomalies typically associated with other pump types.

The ReaXus reciprocating pump product line provides many options to meet your application needs. If space is tight, constant pressure is required, continuous flow is a key part of your application, or you just need to move material, any of these pumps will meet your needs. Maintenance is minimal and the quality is high, which over the life of the product, saves you money.

Teledyne ISCO pumps have a legacy of success throughout the years in the Petrochemical market with many types of applications including, but not limited to, core flooding and reaction feed. The precision flow capabilities coupled with the higher pressure abilities make Teledyne ISCO pumps the choice when designing your experiment or pilot process. Teledyne ISCO pumps can be operated by computer control or standalone, as well as continuous constant flow or pressure mode.

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