Multi Unit Retort Saves Valuable Lab Space

Multi Unit Retort Saves Valuable Lab Space

The Retort measures the percentage (%) of oil, water, and solids in a sample of drilling fluid or cuttings. The results from a Retort test are essential to properly controlling mud properties such as rheology, density, filtration, and salinity. It is also important for evaluating viscosity control and solids control equipment.

Retort Kits have historically been large and bulky, taking up valuable laboratory space. The OFITE Multi Unit Retort combines five 50 mL Retort units into a single enclosure with a single electrical inlet. It saves space on the counter and only uses one electrical outlet. It also features a convenient stand for 50 mL Receiver Tubes (JP Tubes) and independent temperature control for each unit. The included software records and graphs the temperature of each unit over time.

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